How To Measure For Screens

Our screens and covers are made to order for each window, so accurate measurements are critical for your satisfaction.

Our standard screens and covers are made with a 2″ (5cm) wide fabric perimeter frame, and our fasteners are placed in the center of that fabric perimeter.

The opening size that you submit should be the inner measurements that will allow the fasteners to be installed 1″ (2.5cm) outside your opening.

In the diagram, the red section is the opening that you’ll be covering, and the green section is the fabric perimeter. The fasteners will be installed in the middle of the green section all the way around the perimeter.



OutFront screens were put on my porch in Naufrage after standard screens were blown out during a windy day which there are many of them up there. I’ve had absolutely no problems with them. What’s really nice about them is the ease of taking them down and putting them back up. I was one of the early customers for this product and would recommend them to anyone.

Bill Ritter
Shipwreck Point Lighthouse

Easy Installation

Our screens are a real Snap to install, you can leave them in the closet all day and snap them on a few minutes before Bug time.

The hardware package provided with your screen includes:

How to install:

  1. Fasten the two top corners only.
  2. Check that the screen is centered and stretched tight on the opening.
  3. Install three of the top studs spaced across the width of the opening, ensuring the top edge remains straight from side to side.
  4. Fasten one stud each side about midway down the screen, checking that the fabric lines up evenly on each side.
  5. Fasten bottom corners with remaining turn locks. Recheck that both sides are straight and stretched fairly snug.
  6. Install remaining snap studs.
  7. Install optional pipe in bottom sleeve for easier rollup. (Garage Door screen only.)
  8. Relax and enjoy!