How To Measure For Screens

Our screens and covers are made to order for each window, so accurate measurements are critical for your satisfaction.

Our standard screens and covers are made with a 2″ (5cm) wide fabric perimeter frame, and our fasteners are placed in the center of that fabric perimeter.

The opening size that you submit should be the inner measurements that will allow the fasteners to be installed 1″ (2.5cm) outside your opening.

In the diagram, the red section is the opening that you’ll be covering, and the green section is the fabric perimeter. The fasteners will be installed in the middle of the green section all the way around the perimeter.


Summer/Gazebo/Garage Door Screens

Our screens are made using marine canvas and standard (16×18) weave fibreglass insect screen, and are both simple and effective. Our products are available in a number of colours to suit your wishes, and are very easy to remove and store when not in use. We are able to make custom any size and shape. Our garage door screens are made the same as our summer screens and are fastened to the outside edge of the door frame. All garage door screens made by Out Front come with a sleeve on the bottom of the fabric for the installation of an optional roll-up pipe.

Winter Canvas Covers

Our extremely durable winter covers are made with marine grade fabrics and are designed to protect doors and windows from the harsh winter elements. Out Front products have been weather-tested on Prince Edward Island’s North Shore. To ensure a rugged installation, Out Front covers employ marine-grade Turn-lock fasteners for long life and ease of use.

Shade Sails

Shade sails are a device to create outdoor shade, based on the shape of a ships sail. Each shade sail is created custom-made to your outdoor space. Like each of our products, we have a variety of fabrics, to ensure you are able to customize your shade sail.

Custom Canvas Projects

Whatever your personal project might entail, we are willing to do what is required to ensure our customers will be left with a product they are as proud of as we are. From boat covers, shade sails for your patio, potato truck covers, or whatever you need to enjoy your outdoor space or to any item you need to protect. Please give us a call and we are willing to help!